Sunday, January 27, 2008

Notes From the Lunatic Fringe

I predict that in the near future, perhaps as soon as 2012, there will be an established human presence on the moon. And I predict that it will be the result of a joint indo-chinese lunar mission. Given the core importance of the moon in chinese mythology, as in Indian occultism, it wont be any surprise if the first people to actually try and establish a base on the moon are the Chinks and the Brownies. Yup. That's right, there's gonna be paan stains on the Mare Tranquillitatis, and chinese lanterns strung along the Montes Taurus. And there aint nothing you can do about it.

Being an unemployed bigot, I tend to have a lot of free time, and I use this time to surf the internet for news, comics, porn, dvd rips of movies, porn, porn, and err.. more porn.

Ahem. Yes. Well. To change the topic, here are some interesting news items from way back when (yes, 2004 is now officially "way back when". Face it buddy, you're just NOT getting younger.)

Back in 2004, the ironically named Sun Laiyan, head of the chinese space program talked about their plans for a moon mission and then just a few months ago, shazam!

Meanwhile, the Indians, still wrapped up in the whole colonial-era "truly, us brown folks are white man's burdens yes yes i am apu god save the queen hrundi v bakshi pleased to meet you thank you come again" fugue, are busy kissing american arse. But at least we're getting there.

Not to be left behind, the japs are already up there, sending back breathtaking high def images and videos such as this one.

A view of the earth from lunar orbit. Mag-fucking-nificent. Of course, it goes without saying that while we watch these videos, those sneaky buggers are planting mutant shinobi dragon ninjas all OVER the dark side of the moon.. Feh.

The message is clear, however. Those crazy Americans can stay earthbound and fight all the wars they want. We've got tickets to ride, and baby we dont care. Bring on the Rutles!!! :D

So what does all this boil down to? How is a human presence on the moon going to benefit ME, you ask. Well, to be perfectly honest with you, i could care less about sending men to the moon. Or anywhere else. I just wanted to share this hilarious little image with everyone.

Harold and Kumar go to . . . the moon.