Tuesday, June 3, 2008


She pwns me.

Like Astarte, Inanna, and Kali rolled into one.

I am dumbstruck, shut up and sat down by her.
She has so many facets, so many many little idiosyncrasies and details, so many beautiful ways to capture the light and simply revel in it, so much that Im lost before I can even begin to comprehend her.
When she dances, she doesn't care who's watching.
She's having fun, she's in her element, she's in the groove, all up in the zone and she dont care.
And its awesome.
I dont even want to keep up.
Im happy to just watch her move.
She strikes me stupid.
She's the kind of girl I'd walk down three miles of bad road to get to.
Eight thousand miles, if it comes to that.
'Cos she's my little china girl.
My crush with eyeliner.
The yin to my yang.
The one I'd sail my ships around.
My best friend.

And she's not perfect, no.
But she's so good she shuts me up.