Saturday, April 26, 2008

In the future, there wil be robots.

So I'm surfing the net the other day, and I'm reading up on Ray Kurzweil and transhumanism and Kevin Warwick and awesome cool rad stuff like that right, and I'm thinking how cool it's gonna be in the future. The coming singularity and how its going to transform the very definition of what it means to be human. Powerful supercomputing devices seamlessly integrating with your mind, forming a separate 'intelligent' neural network that can interface with the myriad digital devices planted across the environment, exchanging information at hyper-real speeds, and putting us more in touch with our surroundings then we ever thought possible. Awesome. I could go on and on about it until I eventually hyperventilate and choke myself to death so instead i thought I'd blog about it, and get all the hoo ha out of my system. So I'm typing and googling away to glory, when I notice this article about something called a 'Grim Meathook Future'. Now the grim meathook future is a pretty scary concept. But what's really quite ironic, to me, as an Indian, is the fact that the global community is only now waking up to this very real state of affairs. Grim meathook future? How's about the very real, very scary, grim meathook PRESENT being inflicted upon more than half the world's population? Forget about the idiots in Israel and Palestine and the fucking morons in Afghanistan and Iraq, fighting over land and oil, what about the millions fighting for a share of food and basic human amenities in places like Somalia, Sudan, Uganda, Kashmir, Bihar, Assam, Tibet, Myanmar, North Korea, East Timor, Kosovo, fuck it, just hit google earth and pick a random spot on the globe. Its the way we are now. We're living your "future" dammit! And I'm reading all these righteous, 'aware', worried essays about the impending 'grim meathook future' and I have the irresistible urge to point and go 'ha ha' like Nelson on the Simpsons.

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Ceasar said...

"You can't trust freedom when its not in your hands.. When everybody's fighting for the promised land..yeah.."

Right-o. We think a lot about future. Transhumanism sounds like fun man. You know. "Enhancements". I know what you are talking about. Ha Ha indeeed.

And, according to Indian Yogis, the future is going to be all about the mind power. Makes sense when I think about the kid next door. His IQ is more than mine!

Future is a nice fantasy. But let's face it, the past is more fun man!Given a chance to travel via the time machine, I'd go back to the days of The Beatles, J.D Salinger, Joe Pesci, Marlon Brando and experience the history alive! The birth of Homer Simpson, the birth of the idiot box. Imagine, you are in the past and you beat up a nerd asking him to have fun and the next thing you know he is Johnny Lenon! ;)

Nice post BTW. Can't these get any longer??