Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Radio Mash Up Mini Mix : Tales from the Desolate, Lonely, Soul-Crushing Parts of Rev. Joshi's Travelling Salvation Show

Yesterday, I discovered that the second hand computer speakers I picked up at the flea market have unshielded wiring, which means they can pick up radio signals. I unplug the lead, and a flood of sound erupts. At night, like barely heard snatches and whispers of conversation from another room, sibilant and strangely soothing. This morning, a Chinese news radio station intermingled with the signal from a frequency playing Chicano holiday music. A glorious cacophony that permeates the air, and envelops me in its warmth. Blissful, happy, I sink back into the bright red couch, and close my eyes. Through some strange twist of karma, though I'm asleep, I can still hear the radio play. A monotonous, droning voice is reciting a string of numbers. Could it be? After all these months, a transmission from the dreamlands? I strain to listen, and manage to make out the following curious lines, amidst the static.

The transmission ends, and a weird noise, like a deranged monkey attempting to violently copulate with a theremin, takes its place. I wake up, discomfited and unconcerted, my forehead covered in sweat, and my lungs on fire.

What does it all mean? WHO is responsible for these messages!

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Ceasar said...

Holy shit! Damn you lucky SOB, this transmission is transcendental. Its like NiN ft. Jim Morrison! Psychedelia from the nether world eh?