Monday, March 8, 2010

an homage to Das Uberwoman

Let me start this off by being very clear. I don't celebrate women's day. Simply because the female of the species deserves more than just one day of being given the respect she rightfully deserves.

Women are an embodiment of the female aspect of Creation, and should be treated as such, as equals in all human affairs. Men and women complement each other's qualities and capabilities, and are merely two halves of the same whole, like yin and yang, existing in a state of co-related, mutually dependent, and dynamic harmony.

Unfortunately, in recent memory, the feminine principle has been suppressed by religions obsessed with masculinity, devolved versions of originally monotheistic religions that recognized the existence of the One in the Many. We must return to basic principles, learning from the past. Just as the mystical traditions speak of Adam and Eve, the primal male and female pair, there exist too the ultimal pair, the ones that epitomise our divinity. The Super-Man and..

The SuperWoman
By Ella Wheeler Wilcox

What will the superwoman be, of whom we sing -
She who is coming over the dim border
Of Far To-morrow, after earth’s disorder
Is tidied up by Time? What will she bring
To make life better on tempestuous earth?
How will her worth
Be greater than her forbears? What new power
Within her being will burst into flower?
She will bring beauty, not the transient dower
Of adolescence which departs with youth -
But beauty based on knowledge of the truth
Of its eternal message and the source
Of all its potent force.
Her outer being by the inner thought
Shall into lasting loveliness be wrought.

She will bring virtue; but it will not be
The pale, white blossom of cold chastity
Which hides a barren heart. She will be human -
Not saint or angel, but the superwoman -
Mother and mate and friend of superman.

She will bring strength to aid the larger Plan,
Wisdom and strength and sweetness all combined,
Drawn from the Cosmic Mind -
Wisdom to act, strength to attain,
And sweetness that finds growth in joy or pain.

She will bring that large virtue, self-control,
And cherish it as her supremest treasure.
Not at the call of sense or for man’s pleasure
Will she invite from space an embryo soul,
To live on earth again in mortal fashion,
Unless love stirs her with divinest passion.

To motherhood she will bring common sense -
That most uncommon virtue. She will give
Love that is more than she-wolf violence
(Which slaughters others that its own may live).

Love that will help each little tendril mind
To grow and climb;
Love that will know the lordliest use of Time
In training human egos to be kind.

She will be formed to guide, but not to lead -
Leaders are ever lonely - and her sphere
Will be that of the comrade and the mate,
Loved, loving, and with insight fine and clear,
Which casts its searchlight on the course of fate,
And to the leaders says, ‘Proceed’ or ‘Wait.’

And best of all, she will bring holy faith
To penetrate the shadowy world of death,
And show the road beyond it, bright and broad,
That leads straight up to God.

... and all will be One again. Ah bugger it, a very happy women's day to you all. Peace, Love and Respect! :)


shagDAintern said...

I'm glad you think that women should be celebrated more often..good to're a cool uber-man....brownie points!!!

der untermensch said...

woot! :D